Subsentio is a trusted third party service bureau that helps telecommunications carriers and Internet providers meet their law enforcement assistance obligations.  We provide our customers with the technical solutions needed to comply with their lawful electronic surveillance requirements. On their behalf, we review and validate court surveillance orders, implement the lawful surveillance, and provide similar support in response to other legal demands such as subpoenas. 

Some communication service providers wonder if they are subject to the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act or “CALEA.”  CALEA requires most service providers to install technical solutions for lawful electronic surveillance and to operate those solutions in a privacy-protective manner.  Subsentio can provide a CALEA-compliant technical solution for any kind of network: wireline, wireless, broadband access, VoIP, LTE, or voLTE.  We also work with both “active” and “passive” solution types. Most equipment vendors market switches that are “CALEA-ready” but do not include CALEA software which usually is a separate charge.    Even if a switch has the lawful intercept software, a mediation device is usually needed to establish the intercept.  That’s where we come in.  We can analyze your network and provide a technically suitable, compliant solution.  We perform these services at a price that even small rural carriers and start-ups can afford.

Subsentio manages the whole process for you to make sure it’s done right.  We review the court order for validity, interface with the law enforcement agency, set up the connectivity to the agency’s monitoring point, activate the surveillance solution on the targeted telephone number or IP address, trouble-shoot any technical disruptions, deactivate the solution when the court order expires, and perform the legally required record-keeping.

Sometimes, instead of ordering you to intercept a suspect’s communications in real time, a court and/or law enforcement agency may serve you with a due process order such as a subpoena requiring you to disclose a suspect’s stored calling records or historical information.  We can help you respond to those stored records requests with our subpoena service.  Finally, Subsentio gives its customers the training they need to perform the in-house portion of the law enforcement assistance process.  We ensure your security staff knows the protocols used by law enforcement and the precautions expected by their privacy-conscious subscribers.  Whether you receive a court order for real-time surveillance or a request for stored records, your staff will learn to coordinate with our experts to give law enforcement just what the legal order requires: nothing more; nothing less.