Board of Managers

Steve Bock – President and CEO

Steve Bock is the President, CEO and Founder of Subsentio. He oversees all aspects of the company’s sales, marketing and operations and has grown the company from a small consulting firm to the largest Trusted Third Party provider of CALEA compliance solutions in the United States.

Prior to Subsentio, Mr. Bock served in a variety of management positions in the telecommunications industry including Convergent Communications, IP Services and SS8. While working at SS8, he became immersed in the challenges of electronic surveillance where his passion for providing innovative low cost alternatives led him to form Subsentio.

Mr. Bock has been a strong supporter of Law Enforcement needs which is reflected in the many FCC filings, white papers and public statements that Subsentio has made over the years. Mr. Bock is a frequent speaker in a variety of public and private forums on the subject of Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance.

Greg Callanan

Greg Callanan is Vice President of Sales at Qwilt, responsible for growing the company’s presence in the Americas through new customer acquisition and partner development. He has more than 25 years of experience in building successful sales teams for emerging and established technology companies.

Prior to joining Qwilt, Mr. Callanan spent 10 years at BroadSoft as Vice President of Sales, from the company’s inception to its growth as a market leader serving over 450 customers, to its successful IPO. Prior to BroadSoft, he served as Regional Director at Cisco Systems and as Cisco’s Global Manager of the Service Provider Call Center Business, where he was responsible for expanding operations and building alliances with operators across the globe.

Mr. Callanan came to Cisco through its acquisition of GeoTel Communications Corporation, where he was Manager of the Americas for Telco Operations. Prior to GeoTel, he held sales and management positions at Octel Communications Corporation for over 12 years from startup through acquisition by Lucent, including four years as General Manager of the Latin America region.

Scott C. Chandler

Since 2002, Scott C. Chandler has been the Managing Partner for Franklin Court Partners, LLC. From 1998 to 2001, Chandler was Chief Financial Officer and then Senior Vice president for Global Business Development for Rhythms NetConnections, a leading provider of broadband services utilizing digital subscriber line (DSL) technology.

At Rhythms, Mr. Chandler was responsible for raising over US $2 billion for the company, and led the financial restructuring of Rhythms which resulted in the sale of its assets to Worldcom, now Verizon. Mr. Chandler also served as President and CEO of, a pioneer in the cable television industry. Under his leadership, grew revenue to over US $150 million and was named by FORTUNE as one of the 100 fastest-growing public companies.

Prior to, Mr. Chandler held key positions at US WEST, where he founded and led the !NTERPRISE Networking Services unit, the most successful data initiative by any phone company in the country. He also founded !NTERPRISE America, a national expansion of US WEST’s data initiative, and forged joint venture relationships with competitive local exchange carriers to offer frame relay, asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) and other data services.

Richard Grange

Mr. Grange is the Chairman of Cierto, a Mexican MVNO that he started with a partner in 2014.  He began his telecom career launching a long distance telephone company when the U.S. market was deregulated in 1983. He was the founder and CEO of New Global Telecom (NGT), which was sold to Comcast in 2010, and more recently the Chairman of Vidtel, Inc., which was sold to Fidelity Investments in 2013.

Dave Heimbach

Dave Heimbach is a seasoned telecom and IT services veteran with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Mr. Heimbach was most recently Chief Operating Officer for Cincinnati Bell, Inc., where he oversaw sales and operations for the company.

Prior to his role as COO of Cincinnati Bell, Mr. Heimbach held executive positions in product management, operations, sales and general management at Cincinnati Bell, PowerNet Global and Rhythms Netconnections. He has had experience leading and integrating acquisitions, launching new products, building and running large scale networks and managing both high growth and legacy businesses.

Mr. Heimbach left Cincinnati Bell in December, 2014 to pursue high growth and strategic transformation opportunities.  He is a member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and an Executive Board Member for Camp Joy, a non-profit in Clarkesville, Ohio serving disadvantaged and medically-challenged youth.

Glen Myers

Glen Myers is President of Counter Link LLC, a company that produces communications interception technology for Subsentio.  He also chairs the ATIS committee on lawfully authorized electronic surveillance, where service providers, manufacturers, and law enforcement come together to develop standards for lawful interception.

Prior to Counter Link, Dr. Myers was CEO of IP Fabrics, a company producing interception solutions.  From 1987 to 2002, Dr. Myers was founder and CEO of RadiSys, Inc.  He took the company public and led it to a record revenue year of $341M before he left  Prior to RadiSys, he held senior positions at Intel and IBM.  At Intel he architected the first microprocessor to execute multiple instructions in parallel, and holds the original patent on the “register scoreboarding” technique.

Dr. Myers has a PhD in computer science from New York University.   He has authored eight texts on computer science and engineering.  His book The Art of Software Testing is one of the all-time best selling books in the computer field.

Marcus Thomas

Marcus Thomas is Chief Technology Officer for Subsentio. Mr. Thomas is a former FBI Assistant Director.  He served as lead executive to advise, govern, oversee policy direction and operations and provide the leadership and general promotion of all FBI operational technologies, supporting the mission and needs of the FBI and the Intelligence and Law Enforcement communities.

At the FBI, Mr. Thomas’ program responsibilities included: Electronic Surveillance; Physical Surveillance (Technical Support to Surveillance Ops, Tagging, Tracking and Locating, Friendly Force Tracking/Situational Awareness); Digital Evidence (Computer and Device Forensics, Audio, Video, and Imagery Forensics, Cryptanalysis, Improvised Explosive Device Forensics); Crisis Communications – Mobile Command Posts and Land-Mobile Radio Networks; Technical Surveillance Countermeasures; Scientific and Technical Intelligence; Surreptitious Entry; Counter-Encryption; Special Projects; Data Analysis and Visualization; and, Technical and Forensics Training.

Mr. Thomas holds a Secret/Top Secret Security clearance with the FBI.

Joseph M. Wetzel

Joseph M. Wetzel is currently leading Clayton Partners, a company focused on advisory services for both enterprises and private equity firms. Prior to Clayton Partners, Mr. Wetzel was the President and Chief Operating Officer of Earthlink, a US $1.2B provider of national network and IT services for businesses. As chief operating officer, he managed EarthLink’s day-to-day activities and led the effort to build the business services revenue from US $150M to over US $1B in less than 3 years.

Prior to joining EarthLink, Mr. Wetzel was the President and Chief Operating Officer at Mpower Communications, where he managed the delivery of a range of voice and data services to consumer, business, retail and wholesale customers across major U.S. markets. He joined Mpower in 2000 and left in 2006 after the successful merger with Telepacific Corp.

Preceding his work at Mpower, Mr. Wetzel was corporate officer in charge of engineering functions at MediaOne, which spun off from US West to become the third largest cable company in the US. At MediaOne he spearheaded the technology and product development that fueled the company’s rapid growth leading up to its successful merger with AT&T Corporation. Before his work at MediaOne, Mr. Wetzel held senior level positions in the technology and operations areas of US WEST.

Mr. Wetzel holds B.Mech.E. and MBA degrees from the University of Minnesota and has completed the Stanford Executive Program at Stanford University.