CEO Perspective

October 16, 2016

Virtualization — Staying Ahead of Criminals and Terrorists

I’ve spent most of my career in telecommunications and in all the years of booms and busts I have not seen a more disruptive shift in this industry as we are experiencing today. The key drivers are the ever insatiable appetite for increasing speeds and virtual switching.

As service providers decommission their legacy infrastructure and migrate to a virtual environment, most of them pay little attention to the impact on law enforcement’s need to gather intelligence on criminals and terrorists. The resulting security loopholes cause all parties to scramble after the fact and bolt on solutions that would have been much less expensive had there been some thoughtful planning in the first place.

The need for speed is also disruptive. During our integration of the Neustar Legal Compliance Division, and even within our own Subsentio base; we find that at least 6 out of every 10 companies have inadequate equipment to handle the increased data feeds that are being planned or that are already in place. Fortunately, our product development roadmap has anticipated these trends so that we can address both problems with a new line of products.

Subsentio’s New Lawful Intercept Capabilities

Earlier this year Subsentio took several steps forward in embracing virtualization and higher data speeds for lawful intercept needs.

The first advance is an intelligent software solution for virtual networks, designed for scenarios where it is impossible to install physical network taps and physical probes. In those environments, our solution deploys virtual taps in virtual machines such as session border controllers (SBCs) or media gateways. The solution then connects to a Subsentio virtual probe. It is cost-effective, easy to install, and can be programmed to intercept targeted VoIP communications.

The second advance is our new SubProbe, a simple, low-cost server configured with Subsentio’s virtual software. There are two common uses for the SubProbe: as a less expensive alternative to our regular probe, and as a remote extension of a probe supporting up to 100 clients. The SubProbe interfaces can be configured for 1G and 10G networks to address the higher speeds that we find in most of our customer’s networks. Even faster speeds are on our product roadmap.

End results:

  • CSPs now have a low-cost alternative for virtual and high speed networks that does the job, meets CALEA compliance requirements – and doesn’t break the bank.
  • Law Enforcement Agencies no longer hit a wall when they try to collect evidence from these networks.
  • Terrorists and criminals can say goodbye to security loopholes that hide their activities.
  • The world just became a much safer place.

To the best of our knowledge, Subsentio’s move into the world of virtual lawful intercept is a “first of its kind” initiative. With over 250 client CSPs – we are the largest CALEA compliance company in the world and we firmly believe that virtualization will be an important component of the future.

The next challenge is building awareness. The vast majority of CSPs know full well that their legacy lawful intercept solutions do not meet the needs of law enforcement agencies. Through Subsentio’s ongoing commitment to R & D, CSPs now have a cost-effective solution that meets the challenge of fighting crime and terrorism in a virtual word.

When it comes to CALEA compliance, Subsentio provides “Results, Not Excuses.” The next move is yours.

May 10, 2016

The Mission

A year has passed since Subsentio purchased the Neustar Legal Compliance Services Division. What a year it’s been. When I’m asked was it worth it my answer is “absolutely ‘yes.”

Subsentio has doubled in size and is the unchallenged market leader. We have earned our title “the CALEA Compliance Company” many times over. Many factors have played an important role in our ascendance: the most outstanding team of professionals in the business; peerless technology solutions — always tested, certified and ready for action from the moment a court order arrives; our end-to-end service bureau model that guarantees results from start to finish; and always – Subsentio’s intense service focus that puts both the service provider customer and law enforcement first.


April 27, 2016

CTO Marcus Thomas: “The Wicked Problem of Going Dark”

In today’s CEO Perspective, Subsentio president and CEO Steve Bock speaks with CTO Marcus Thomas on the issue of law enforcement “going dark” in the face of rising challenges that make it increasingly difficult to obtain evidence for investigations under current laws such as CALEA.

As the former Assistant Director of Technology for the FBI, with a long and distinguished career in law enforcement, Thomas was present at the start of the “going dark” problem and is one of the most respected authorities on the issue. His insights on how “going dark” has evolved from an occasional to an ever-present and increasingly convoluted challenge are highly relevant at a time when criminals and terrorists have access to a near-limitless array of technologies to conceal their identities and activities. Fraught with complexity, “going dark” is now what Thomas calls a “wicked problem” with so many factors in play that conventional problem-solving techniques are overwhelmed and inadequate.


March 28, 2016

CEO Perspective: General Counsel Joel Margolis on “Apple/FBI” Tiff

Is the FBI’s recent attempt to gain cooperation from Apple in providing a “backdoor” to the San Bernardino, CA terrorist’s iPhone a dangerous precedent for future privacy violations by government — or simply a straightforward and perfectly legal attempt to gain evidence that might help prevent future attacks? And what of the FBI’s decision to put its case on hold while it pursues use of techniques to open the phone without Apple’s technical assistance — Will such a “hack” even work, and if it does, will it kick open another legal hornet’s nest between privacy advocates and law enforcement?


March 9, 2016

CEO Perspective: CSO Todd McDermott – “Trust is the Essence of Security”

Privacy protection, security, and serving the needs of diverse “masters” ranging from the communications service provider (CSP) subject to CALEA compliance, to the law enforcement agency (LEA) relying on rapid response to a lawful intercept court order — all fall within the domain of Subsentio’s Security Department.

Subsentio President and CEO Steve Bock examines this broad array of responsibilities with our new Chief Security Officer Todd McDermott, whose career spans lawful intercept technology development and engineering, close liaison with LEAs and CSPs, and international standards-setting as an honored member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.