DMCA ProTect


Safeguarding ISPs From Big Dollar Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

In recent weeks an internet service provider –one of the largest cable companies in the United States – was slammed with a US $1 billion lawsuit for failing to stop copyright infringement by a subscriber to its web service. This lawsuit is the warning wave in an oncoming tsunami of horrendously costly litigation against ISPs that fail to follow the rules of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Record breaking for its dollar size, the $1 billion DMCA claim is by no means an isolated incident. Every month of the year, ISPs and their owners receive tens of thousands such claims. Worldwide, the volume of such theft’s tallies in the millions. If the claimants of that $1 billion lawsuit win in court, the number of dollars that ISP see fly from their coffers could soon match the number of stars in the Milky Way – literally billions.

ISPs take notice: It is now easy and inexpensive to avoid getting “milked” in court. No six-figure defense attorneys required.

The solution: Subsentio DMCA ProTect – expressly designed to put ISPs in DMCA Safe Harbor and protect you from litigation and fines that result from copyright infringement conducted on your network by content crooks.

Subsentio DMCA ProTect — The Essence of DMCA Safe Harbor

  1. Assist the ISP with their DMCA policy statement on their website.
  2. With DMCA ProTect, we manage and automate “takedown notices” for you, sending legal notice to subscribers who are using your network to allegedly steal copyrighted content owned by third parties.
  3. We create a corresponding case file in Subsentio’s advanced work management system.
  4. Our skilled DMCA experts leveraged Subsentio’s automated system to retrieve subscriber records.
  5. Subsentio provides a monthly report on all DMCA activity to prove that you have made every effort to stop the content crooks.

Preventing Liability and Protecting Privacy

Subsentio is the world’s leading provider of Safe Harbor services that mitigate the costs and risks associated with legal compliance. Our analysts have years of experience in the validation and extraction of customer records. All work is backed up by our legal department.

Face the facts. Responding to legal process is typically not a core competency for most ISPs. And yet, failure to comply with DMCA may soon become one of the biggest threats to your company’s financial health. You can avoid this problem – and the megabuck fees of law firms – with Subsentio DMCA ProTect.