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Help Companies Become CALEA Compliant & You Make $500!

All U.S. communications service providers and many Internet hosted services companies defined as “telecommunications carriers” under the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) must install technical solutions in their networks to support lawful electronic surveillance.  CALEA is the law.  Now you, as a member of the telecom industry, can profit from it.

Join Subsentio’s Introduce Us Program.  For every qualified Introduction that we “close,” you earn a $500 gift card.

The Subsentio Introduce Us Program is designed for those telecom industry members that are communications service providers (CSPs) or service them by selling systems, network services or have industry knowledge of their CSP customers.

Our “Sweet Spot” in the Market: Smaller CSPs

While the large carriers and service providers have been CALEA compliant for years, many smaller telecom carriers and almost all hosted service providers are not CALEA compliant and need to be.  In addition, there are probably a significant amount of companies that “think” they are CALEA compliant either because they purchased lawful intercept (LI) software for their switch and think it automatically will enable an intercept, or were compliant years ago but their network has expanded over the years.  The Subsentio Introduce Us Program addresses those companies that aren’t compliant as well as those that “think” they are but really aren’t. Participating and profiting from the program are easy to do.

  • Subsentio will provide you with an introductory description of our CALEA compliance services so you can properly introduce both the need for CALEA compliance and Subsentio.
  • You introduce the need for CALEA compliance and Subsentio to a non-compliant service provider.
  • Identify the individual who is in charge of CALEA compliance.
  • Tell your contact that you will request an individual from Subsentio to contact him.
  • Submit the prospect’s contact information my clicking on the Introduce Us button on this page or our home page.
  • You will receive a $500 gift card for each qualified referral who buys from Subsentio.

Let’s Get Started

This is an easy program for industry people to be a part of.  It does not compete with any product or service that your company offers.  You are not asked to sell Subsentio’s services.  All we would like is for you toIntroduce Us to companies who are not CALEA compliant.

When you think you know someone who would like to talk to Subsentio about CALEA compliance, just enter their information as well as your own and submit.  We’ll provide monthly follow up on your introduction.  Should your introduction turn into a sale, we will send you a $500 gift card.