June 2015 Newsletter

Top of the News


Deal Propels Subsentio to Leadership of U.S. CALEA Compliance Market

WASHINGTON, D.C., JUNE 5, 2015 — Subsentio, the CALEA Compliance CompanyTM today acquired the lawful intercept assets from Neustar, Inc.  Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Under the agreement, the customers of compliance mandate services under the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), as well as subpoena management and other requirements of U.S. national security and privacy laws, are now fully managed by Subsentio.

With this move, Subsentio doubles its customer base, support staff and revenue as the largest CALEA Trusted Third Party service bureau in North America.  The company is opening new offices in Northern Virginia, both to service new and existing clients and to ensure close proximity to the headquarters of federal law enforcement and national policymaking on matters of lawful surveillance.

“Subsentio welcomes our new clients, who will benefit immediately from our dedication to delivering complete, end-to-end CALEA compliance solutions,” said Subsentio President Steve Bock.  “The Subsentio Trusted Third Party service bureau is unique in the industry, providing superior technology, hands-on legal expertise, and professional law enforcement liaison – reliably and cost-effectively.  When customers receive a Court Order, they just call Subsentio and we do the rest.”

Marcus Thomas, Subsentio CTO and former Assistant Director and head of the Operational Technology Division for the FBI said:  “Subsentio continues to evolve our range of solutions to embrace the lawful intercept needs of every facet of communications, from wireless to wireline, broadband, VoIP, and cloud, within the framework of privacy protection set forth by CALEA. We’re not just selling technology – we provide ‘peace of mind’ to many of the nation’s largest service providers, who trust Subsentio’s reputation and record of performance to ensure they meet all requirements of the law, safely and reliably.”

President’s Corner

By Steve Bock, President

It’s a New World. Subsentio has acquired the business assets of Neustar’s Legal Compliance business.  We are now the largest provider of Trusted Third Party CALEA compliance solutions in the United States.  The most important result: All Subsentio customers, both existing and new, will benefit.  This deal not only makes Subsentio bigger, it makes us better.

Here is a quick summary of how this important acquisition benefits all Subsentio customers:

No Change in Your Current Service. Subsentio’s legacy clients will continue to receive the unparalleled value of our unique end-to-end CALEA service bureau: state-of-the-art technology solutions; review and validation of court orders for lawful intercept; hands-on liaison with law enforcement by our veteran team of experts – and outstanding customer support from beginning to end.

New Service. With the acquisition of Neustar’s LCS assets, Subsentio gains an important new service: “Subpoena Records Production.”  Managing the Subpoena Records Production process in-house can be a major time burden for communications service providers.  Soon Subsentio can do the job for you – expertly, efficiently and economically.

Operations Expansion.  In the fall, we launch a new Operations Center in Northern Virginia to support clients coming on-board from Neustar.  Our current Operations Center in Denver serving legacy Subsentio clients will continue to operate at the same high level of responsiveness and reliability.

The Pulse of Policy. Subsentio is opening a new office in Chantilly, VA to support our new clients. Establishing a presence in the nation’s capital ensures close contact with the nation’s centers of federal law enforcement, and a rapid response capability to policy-making that influences the business of lawful intercept.

The many synergies between Subsentio and our new assets create a perfect fit that will serve our customers well — now and in the long term.  We are very excited about the future unfolding before us, and know you will be, also.

Details on the acquisition and its impact are provided in the “Top of the News” and “Squawkbox” sections of this newsletter. In addition, Subsentio is hosting a new series of Subsentio Customer Care Webinars beginning with online events specifically focused on the acquisition – where you can interact, ask questions and learn. Check “Customer Care” below for the dates and times. We’ll be in touch with you to provide dial-in information.

Squawk Box

What the Acquisition Means to Subsentio Legacy Customers – and Prospects

Q. Has Neustar sold its legal compliance business to Subsentio?

A. Yes. Subsentio acquired two businesses from Neustar: their lawful intercept business and warrant management. Neustar calls the latter business, “Subpoena Records Production.”

Q. Why is this news significant?

A. It makes Subsentio the largest Trusted Third Party provider of CALEA compliance services in the U.S., with the most comprehensive suite of products.

Q. What is the impact on companies that have been using Neustar legal compliance services?

A. The only change is that they now call Subsentio when they receive court orders or subpoenas.  Former Neustar legal compliance clients are now served by Subsentio.  We will continue to support their current lawful intercept platform.  Or if they prefer, they may switch at any time to a Subsentio solution.

Q. Neustar customers have been using the Verint STAR-GATE mediation device or probes by Pine Digital for lawful Interception for years.  Can they continue to use the same platforms?

A. Yes, Subsentio also uses the STAR-GATE mediation system. Subsentio will support the same technical solutions Neustar provided to their customers.

Q. What are you doing to tell Neustar legal compliance clients about this change?

A. Former Neustar legal compliance clients have received a welcome package from Subsentio. In addition, we have scheduled one-on-one meetings and webinars where all Subsentio clients can ask any questions they may have.

Q. What’s in it for Subsentio’s legacy customers?

A. In a word: Simplicity. Legal compliance simplicity to be exact.  Subsentio customers already have a single source for end-to-end CALEA compliance for lawful intercepts.  We will soon add warrant management. Together, these services comprise the most complete portfolio in the marketplace.


Q. What is the market impact of this deal?

A. It creates an unbeatable advantage for our expanding family of Subsentio’s clients, as well as future customers.  As the largest provider with the most versatile portfolio, Subsentio is now a diverse “one stop shop” for CALEA compliance and warrant verification services.

Q. Why did Neustar opt to sell its legal compliance assets to Subsentio?

A. Neustar wanted a company that would be a good steward to their legal compliance customers, and a company who would appreciate and utilize a very professional staff.  Subsentio was the perfect fit.  Both Neustar and Subsentio utilize Verint’s STAR-GATE solution for active intercepts.  Both Neustar and Subsentio utilize probe technology for passive intercepts.  Both companies provide court order validation. Both manage the active intercepts.  And the similarities go on. With our depth of expertise, many years’ experience in CALEA compliance and close familiarity with Neustar’s CALEA technology platform, Subsentio is the best match.

Q. Will Neustar customers experience any change under new management of their accounts?

A. None whatsoever. The technology and process will be exactly the same. Now when former customers of Neustar’s legal compliance services receive a court order or a subpoena for call records, they will simply call Subsentio and we will manage the process from start to finish.

Q. Will Subsentio have a local presence in the Washington, DC area?

A. Yes. Subsentio now has an office in Chantilly, Virginia, and will be opening a new East Coast Network Operations center, as well.

Customer Care

New Weekly Webinars

Still have questions? We have answers.

With the acquisition of Neustar’s LCS business, we are proud to introduce a new customer support service: Subsentio Customer Care Webinars.

We are launching this program with a series of Customer Care Webinars that specifically address the Neustar legal compliance acquisition – and what it means for our clients. The schedule:

  • Wednesday, June 17, 2015:  2:00PM EDST
  • Wednesday, June 24, 2015:  2:00PM EDST
  • Wednesday, July 1, 2015:  2:00PM EDST

Following this initial series, Subsentio Customer Care Webinars will be held every month, providing a new level of value to our most important goal: delivering a superior experience for Subsentio clients.

We will be in touch soon with the dial-in information for the webinars. Please join us to learn, interact – and ask any questions relevant to your Subsentio service, the business of lawful intercept and subpoena management, and the exciting technologies behind these services.

Rules & Regulations

Subsentio’s Upgraded Subpoena Compliance Service

Most people know Subsentio as a trusted third party (“TTP”) that works on behalf of telecommunications carriers and Internet providers to implement court orders for real-time lawful electronic surveillance.  Less well known is Subsentio’s expertise in managing other types of due process requests, especially subpoenas for “historic” (stored) telecommunications and Internet records.  Subpoena compliance is an important part of a communications provider’s legal responsibilities, but until now it has only been provided as an accommodation to customers with special requests.

Now, with the advent of the acquisition of Neustar’s Subpoena Record Production business, Subsentio has the expanded capability to provide subpoena compliance capabilities.  We now have experienced analysts who specialize in subpoena processing utilizing a system of automation to track the subpoena work. The staff is familiar with subpoenas in both criminal investigations and civil proceedings. In addition they know the key differences among the state subpoena laws.

Our new subpoena compliance experts handle more than just subpoenas. They process warrants, requests from public safety answering points, and records requests in national security cases. They also follow best practices to protect the privacy of communication subscribers.  As a result, Subsentio now offers communication service providers a comprehensive suite of TTP services to support all their legal compliance needs.

For years communication service providers have received a growing number of court orders, subpoenas, and other due process requests.  That trend is expected to continue.  In response, a service provider can now efficiently outsource the entire burden to a single TTP: Subsentio.