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Finally, a Safe Harbor solution for DMCA and copyright infringement

Thursday, August 15th, 2019 at 1 PM EDT

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Mismanaging or ignoring the Digital Millennial Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA) may incur millions of US dollars in fines. During this brief webinar, we will explain how we can help you achieve Safe Harbor and avoid the financial liability from failure to comply with DMCA.

Subsentio’s DMCA compliance service is an easy, low-cost solution that we can manage as your Trusted Third-Party or provide you access and training to our compliance tracking system for you to manage internally. Learn how Subsentio can help you achieve Safe Harbor and avoid the fines that have been levied on communication service providers (CSPs) for not complying with DMCA.

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Not to worry! Subsentio has a recorded version of the webinar that you can view at your leisure. The webinar will include information on how to contact us and put you on the path for Safe Harbor!

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Safeguarding CSPs from Big Dollar Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

In December 2015, a CSP –one of the largest cable companies in the United States – was slammed with a multimillion US dollar lawsuit for failing to apply its Safe Harbor policy and terminate its subscribers for multiple offenses of copyright infringement. This lawsuit opened the door for future costly litigation and fines against CSPs that fail to follow the Safe Harbor provisions of the DMCA.

Given this legal precedent, copyright holders may feel empowered to press their advantage and file additional lawsuits against other CSPs. Every month, CSPs may receive tens of thousands infringement claims from copyright holders or their designated agent. Managing and applying a DMCA policy is a logistical and costly nightmare for CSPs of all sizes but failure to do so has even more costly repercussions. CSPs can no longer afford to ignore DMCA.

Subsentio DMCA ProTect is expressly designed to put CSPs in DMCA Safe Harbor and protect you from litigation and fines that result from copyright infringement conducted on your network.

Subsentio DMCA ProTect — The Essence of DMCA Safe Harbor

  1. We assist the CSP with their DMCA policy statement on their website and end user agreements.
  2. We manage and automate “takedown notices” for you, sending legal notice to alleged copyright infringers on your network.
  3. We create a corresponding case file in Subsentio’s advanced work management system to identify and track repeat offenders.
  4. Our skilled DMCA experts leverage Subsentio’s automated system to retrieve subscriber records.
  5. Subsentio provides reports on all DMCA activity to prove that you are applying your DMCA policy and terminating repeat infringers as required.

Preventing Liability and Protecting Privacy

Subsentio is the world’s leading provider of Safe Harbor services that mitigate the costs and risks associated with legal compliance. Our analysts have years of experience in the validation of legal requests and identification of customer records.

Responding to legal process is not a core consideration for CSPs. And yet, failure to comply with DMCA may soon become one of the biggest threats to your company’s financial health. You can avoid this problem – and the exorbitant fees of law firms – with Subsentio DMCA ProTect.