Hosted CALEA Compliance Service

Subsentio’s Hosted CALEA Compliance Service gives VoIP and Broadband service providers an exciting new alternative: a high capacity solution that delivers CALEA compliance with the simplicity, reliability and savings of a hosted solution. Like all Subsentio technology solutions, our hosted option provides state-of-the-art data security, certifies reliability and guarantees technical compliance with CALEA.

As a Subsentio Hosted CALEA Compliance Service customer, the VoIP or Broadband Provider receives the full benefit our Compliance Bureau, the industry standard for end-to-end CALEA compliance. Subsentio’s Compliance Bureau includes the technology solution, in-house review of court orders for lawful intercept and hands-on interaction with law enforcement throughout the lawful intercept process.

Subsentio’s Hosted CALEA Compliance Service Features and Benefits

  • Works with any VoIP or Broadband network
  • Low cost, easy to install and use
  • Uses Subsentio’s sProbe to collect and route evidence to a vProbe in the Subsentio Data Center
  • Can support multiple downstream customer networks or locations
  • Full IPv6 support
  • No VPN connectivity or separate mediation device required
  • Fully meets international ATIS standards for VoIP and Broadband lawful intercepts

How Subsentio’s Hosted CALEA Compliance Service Works

Subsentio Hosted CALEA Compliance begins with the sProbe, a simple but intelligent device that is installed at each site in a VoIP or Broadband network requiring an intercept access point. The sProbe is connected to a vProbe resident at the Subsentio Data Center. The vProbe is a virtualized Probe that manages up to 100 individual sProbes located on customer premises, improving network efficiency and cost effectiveness. As with our regular Probe, the vProbe helps reduce bandwidth costs by ensuring that only the minimum required customer traffic is sent from the sProbe to the vProbe. 

When a VoIP or Broadband provider receives a court order for lawful intercept, the vProbe in the Subsentio Data Center provisions the sProbe to look for specific network traffic relevant to the investigation. Traffic may be targeted by parameters such as DHCP identifiers, SIP phone numbers, URLs and IP addresses. The sProbe instantly spots the designated traffic and routes it to the Subsentio vProbe for formatting and transmission to the law enforcement collection center.

Subsentio’s Hosted CALEA Compliance Service is built for today’s high bandwidth network requirements. Different models of the sProbe are available that are capable of monitoring a number of 1G and 10G network segments.  Subsentio’s unique hosting solution provides total CALEA compliance whether the need is for multiple networks, or diverse remote points in the same network – reliably, securely and economically.