Board of Managers

Steve Bock – Founder and CEO

Steve Bock is the President, CEO and Founder of Subsentio. He oversees all aspects of the company’s sales, marketing and operations and has grown the company from a small consulting firm to the largest Trusted Third Party provider of CALEA compliance solutions in the United States.

Prior to Subsentio, Mr. Bock served in a variety of management positions in the telecommunications industry including Convergent Communications, IP Services and SS8. While working at SS8, he became immersed in the challenges of electronic surveillance where his passion for providing innovative low cost alternatives led him to form Subsentio.

Mr. Bock has been a strong supporter of Law Enforcement needs which is reflected in the many FCC filings, white papers and public statements that Subsentio has made over the years. Mr. Bock is a frequent speaker in a variety of public and private forums on the subject of Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance.

Marcus Thomas

Marcus Thomas is Chief Strategy Officer for Subsentio. Mr. Thomas is a former FBI Assistant Director.  He served as lead executive to advise, govern, oversee policy direction and operations and provide the leadership and general promotion of all FBI operational technologies, supporting the mission and needs of the FBI and the Intelligence and Law Enforcement communities.

At the FBI, Mr. Thomas’ program responsibilities included: Electronic Surveillance; Physical Surveillance (Technical Support to Surveillance Ops, Tagging, Tracking and Locating, Friendly Force Tracking/Situational Awareness); Digital Evidence (Computer and Device Forensics, Audio, Video, and Imagery Forensics, Cryptanalysis, Improvised Explosive Device Forensics); Crisis Communications – Mobile Command Posts and Land-Mobile Radio Networks; Technical Surveillance Countermeasures; Scientific and Technical Intelligence; Surreptitious Entry; Counter-Encryption; Special Projects; Data Analysis and Visualization; and, Technical and Forensics Training.

Mr. Thomas holds a Secret/Top Secret Security clearance with the FBI.

Todd McDermott

Todd joined Subsentio in 2015 as the Chief Security Officer and brings years of law enforcement and private sector experience to the role as a member of the Board of Managers. As CSO he is responsible for the security of Subsentio’s business and technical operations and manages the daily operations associated to the core business activities; records production and lawful intercept.

Todd McDermott joins Subsentio from Verint Systems, Inc. As Vice President, Business Development at Verint from January 1999 through November 2015, Mr. McDermott advanced new technologies for lawful electronic surveillance products, fueling the company’s rapid growth in the United States and Canada.

Prior to Verint, Mr. McDermott served 18 years in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, with responsibility for research, development and technical oversight of electronic surveillance systems. Mr. McDermott represented the Government of Canada for North American telecommunications standards, contributing to standards for lawful electronic surveillance, and hosted and chaired international law enforcement conferences on electronic surveillance.

Todd McDermott holds a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, with a field of study in systems and communications engineering.

Thomas F. Gudsnuk, Esq.
Managing Member, Board of Managers

With over 30+ years experience in business, Tom has been an Executive in technology companies at Javelin Technologies (VP Commercial and Legal Affairs), SS8 Networks (VP Corporate Development and Corporate Secretary), NewNet Communication Technologies (CEO & President, and Board Member), and a Portfolio Manager at a private equity firm. Tom has been an Advisor to companies in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Environment, Technical Service Providers, Consulting Services, and the procurement of technology solutions for financial institutions. Prior to those assignments Tom was a practicing attorney and law firm managing partner. He is a former owner of plastics manufacturing company and has a significant background in CALEA, Business Management, Manufacturing, Tool Design, and as a Consultant to defense contractors in munitions, aviation, and ground support.

Tom received his undergraduate degree in Management Science from the University of New Haven, completing the degree requirements in 2.5 years. While working full time, his graduate degrees were completed in the evening programs at the University of Bridgeport where he received a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and a Juris Doctor degree at the School of Law (now Quinnipiac University). Tom is a licensed attorney admitted to practice in Connecticut and before the U.S District Court.

Ward Jackson

Mr. Jackson was one of the Founding Partners of Subsentio. As Subsentio grew to be the premier Trusted Third Party in the United States, Mr. Jackson coordinated all Law Enforcement Liaison and Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance activities. He served as the Chief Security Officer for the firm until his retirement in 2016.

Prior to joining Subsentio, Mr. Jackson served the Federal Bureau of Investigation for twenty-eight years. The majority of Mr. Jackson’s career in law enforcement involved telecommunication surveillance matters, and he was certified as a Technically Trained Agent. He led efforts to initiate and implement numerous large scale and complicated telecommunications intercept efforts at a major FBI Field Office. He was also the primary technical liaison to other U. S. Government agencies in such matters.

While serving as a Supervisory Special Agent, he was involved with the efforts to introduce the CALEA law – intended to assist in the coordination of law enforcement related telecommunications surveillance matters with telecommunication service providers throughout the United States. During the process of moving toward Congressional passage of this new law, he provided assistance to the United States Congress and numerous other U. S. Government and international agencies and stakeholders. After passage of the new law, Mr. Jackson helped lead efforts to create a cooperative approach to implementation of the law and its foundational concepts. He participated in the telecommunication industry standards-setting bodies to define the parameters of implementation. He retired from the FBI while serving in the CALEA Implementation Section of the Operational Technology Division.

Since his official retirement from Subsentio, he has provided continuing consultation to Subsentio as requested and will continue in his advisory role as a member of the Board of Managers.