Safe Harbor Intercept

Verint’s STAR-GATE Solution for All Network Types

The Safe Harbor Intercept employs Verint’s STAR-GATE platform to provide a wide range of communications service providers (CSPs) with the technical solutions necessary to comply with CALEA standards. Using this powerful system allows Subsentio to support network types such as circuit switched, packet data, broadband, wireless, satellite and VoIP. In addition, the STAR-GATE system can connect to several switches or routers at the same time and deliver intercepted data to multiple destinations simultaneously.  Subsentio brings the benefits of the Verint platform to small and  medium-sized service providers.

Safe Harbor Intercept Features and Benefits

  • DEFINES target assignments and the destination parameters of law enforcement agencies (LEAs)
  • COLLECTS intercepted data from the network
  • CONVERTS messages into the required standard format for the LEA
  • DELIVERS intercepted communications to the appropriate LEA
  • CONTROLS system security and monitors system activity
  • MAINTAINS and monitors system operations
  • SUPPORTS any network, any technology

How the Safe Harbor Intercept Works

These functions are performed by the following Safe Harbor Intercept components:

  • Data Collector – provides passive filtering of the target’s information according to various interception criteria
  • Mediation Device ─ performs the delivery function of the communication surveillance
  • Global System Administration ─ assigns targets and oversees system administration



Safe Harbor Intercept – A Versatile Solution

  • Supports UMTS, GSM, CDMA, XDSL, DOCSIS, VoIP, IMS and Broadband
  • Provides interoperability with major network hardware manufacturers including Alcatel-Lucent, Broadsoft, Acme Packet (Oracle), Sonus, Huawei, Cisco, Lucent, Nortel, Starent and many more.
  • Single point of administration