Safe Harbor for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement’s challenge in acquiring actionable intelligence within the intricacy of today’s telecommunications networks has created a “capabilities gap” that is often called “Going Dark.”  This gap continues to grow with each new service offering from the telecommunications industry. Subsentio’s solutions address most of these issues, but the problem is not limited to technology.

In today’s world of automation and communicating everything electronically, sometimes cops just need to be able to talk to cops to work through the technical and legal issues that arise in an investigation. When Law Enforcement officers contact Subsentio, they speak with former law enforcement technicians and investigators who take the time to give each investigation the personal attention necessary to best serve your needs. At Subsentio we believe that electronic surveillance is one of the premier investigative tools available to law enforcement. Our vision of Safe Harbor for Law Enforcement is to provide a pro law enforcement environment that assists you in completing your mission by providing timely and reliable intelligence.

The Requirements Every Court Order Must Have

  • Be from an identified court
  • Be directed to an identified communications service provider
  • Identify the target – a customer phone number, email address or NAC
  • Specify the type of lawful intercept: pen register, Title III or FISA
  • State a finding of due process and state the type of violation
  • Identify the LEA receiving the lawful intercept data
  • Indicate time frame for the lawful intercept
  • Be signed by a judge