CALEA Affairs

Welcome to Subsentio’s Government Affairs page.  From here you can access the following information:

Government Affairs Blog

Read plain-English commentaries on government affairs issues that impact relations among communication service providers, law enforcement, and privacy-conscious subscribers.  The blog is drafted by Joel M. Margolis, Subsentio’s Senior Director of Government Affairs.

Government Affairs Resources

Learn more about the three-way mix of laws governing communications, law enforcement, and privacy.  The extra information includes:

  • FAQs on CALEA Compliance: the basics on what CALEA requires, how to comply, and related mechanics of lawful surveillance. 
  • White Papers: in-depth analyses of controversies in law enforcement access to communications data.
  • Going Dark: government pronouncements on the gaps between the demands of court surveillance orders and the technical capabilities of U.S. law enforcement to implement those orders.
  • Ask our Experts: an interactive forum for readers to raise particular concerns about communications provider assistance to law enforcement and related privacy matters.
  • Technical Components of Lawful Intercept: descriptions of different technical approaches used to conduct lawful surveillance on different types of communication networks.
  • Safe Harbor for Law Enforcement:  explanation of how Subsentio processes surveillance orders in a way that maintains good relations with law enforcement while maintaining a client’s CALEA “safe harbor” legal defense.