Subsentio Harbor Master

For Outsourced CALEA Compliance Management by Subsentio

It sounded easy at the time.  Your switch manufacturer sold you its CALEA technical solution.  You didn’t think that it would be very difficult to manage the process with your current personnel. So you bought it. You installed it. There wasn’t much for you to maintain. Easy. But did you really install a complete technical solution — 0ne that’s available 24 x 7 to provide intercept capability? Does your network have the ability to transmit the collected data to the requesting law enforcement agency’s monitoring center?

Now let’s talk about personnel. When you receive a court order, it needs to be reviewed for authenticity and correctness by an attorney. If a court order isn’t valid, i.e., filled out correctly and signed, it won’t be admissible in a court of law. The court order needs to be managed by personnel with security experience and preferably with security clearances. Specific information needs to be maintained for each lawful intercept. Then there need to be personnel who are available 24×7 for both the receipt and management of a court order. The order then needs to be transmitted to specified technicians who initiate, test, intercept and transmit the requested information to the requesting law enforcement agency. Self-compliance requires technical, legal, regulatory and law enforcement expertise that most carriers simply don’t have and can’t afford.

Subsentio Harbor Master Manages the CALEA Process

Often, communications service providers ask Subsentio to manage the CALEA process for them. They have already invested in their technical solution.  For whatever reason, they don’t want to invest in the manpower expertise required to manage the CALEA process.  Subsentio Harbor Master provides “surveillance on demand’ services for these customers.  Subsentio provides management services to clients that have CALEA software solutions in their switches from the switch manufacturers, including Nokia and Metaswitch.

With Subsentio Harbor Master, Subsentio provides end-to-end management of the lawful intercept process. Subsentio solutions are expertly installed and integrated with the carrier’s network, rigorously tested, and continuously monitored and re-tested 24x7x365 to ensure “five 9s” performance.

Subsentio Harbor Master provides 5 Easy Steps to Safe Harbor:

  • You receive a court order:  A Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) serves your company with a court order for a Legally Authorized Electronic Surveillance (LAES)
  • You Notify Subsentio:  You complete the Service Provider Authorization form and email it along with the court order to [email protected].
  • Subsentio Review:  Subsentio reviews the court order to validate its correctness, a case verification form is created to record all necessary information.  Remember, the ultimate purpose of the court order is to obtain evidence for use in court.
  • Subsentio Surveillance:  Subsentio initiates the electronic intercept and begins comprehensive administrative tracking.
  • Successful Compliance:  The Legally Authorized Electronic Surveillance is discontinued by notification from law enforcement, or when the the term of legal authority for the lawful intercept expires.