Subsentio, named after a Latin word meaning “to notice secretly,” was formed in 2004 to deliver affordable electronic surveillance solutions to service providers and law enforcement agencies. Our story is tightly linked with the evolution of the Communications Assistance Act for Law Enforcement (CALEA).

In 2005, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued its First Report and Order extending CALEA compliance requirements to all broadband and VoIP telecommunication service providers whose networks connect with the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Following extensive review and input by the communications industry, the FCC Order went into effect on May 14, 2007.

Today the top 50 national and regional carriers are CALEA compliant. But in many instances smaller traditional carriers and the new hosted IP service providers still operate without technical solutions and other critical components of CALEA compliance. Subsentio’s mission is to bring all service providers subject to CALEA — regardless of their size — into “Safe Harbor” with the law via a comprehensive of suite of sophisticated, competitively-priced solutions, and our unique “service bureau” approach to their full range of CALEA compliance needs.

Subsentio’s service bureau is 360-degree model that supports CALEA compliance requirements end-to-end. It provides advanced technical solutions for lawful intercepts on any type of network, expert review of court orders, and close liaison with law enforcement throughout the intercept process. With the success of this model, Subsentio is today viewed as the gold standard in Trusted Third Party support of lawful intercept –by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and in international markets. Recognized nationally as “the CALEA Compliance CompanyTM,” we have incorporated that phrase in our brand.

As the CALEA Compliance Company, Subsentio never forgets the law enforcement community. We interact regularly with the FBI providing them with our customer list to facilitate their management of the federal court order process through all federal law enforcement agencies. We continually test our more than 250 virtual private network (VPN) circuits connected to various law enforcement monitoring locations throughout the country to make sure that when there is an emergency situation, our clients’ technical solutions will meet the critical demand. The Subsentio Security Department, staffed by retired FBI personnel who have retained their security clearances, continually helps both clients and law enforcement in the day-to-day objective of surveillance management.

The past years have seen significant growth in the company’s technical solutions since the introduction of the Subsentio Safe Harbor Probe (1 GB) in 2012, the expansion of probe capabilities to include LTE monitoring in 2013, and the 2014 launch of the Subsentio Safe Harbor Probe (10 GB). In late 2014 we introduced Subsentio Safe Harbor Cloud service, providing a new cost-effective option in intercept services for small and medium-sized communications service providers.

Continuing this rocket-paced product evolution into 2015, we introduced the Subsentio Safe Harbor Mediator, a mediation device for use within Sonus networks, and launched Subsentio Records Production nationwide.

At Subsentio, history is always a story aimed at the future. By delivering topnotch CALEA and legal compliance services to clients and law enforcement, we continue to evolve to support the most important “client” of all: public safety.