Legal Demand Tracker

Records Production Problems

  • Critical to law enforcement
  • Growing international demand
  • Limited storage
  • Labor intensive
  • Human error
  • Non-recoverable expense
  • Accuracy of records
  • Emergency requests

Acquisition of metadata is often essential for law enforcement agencies to perform their investigative functions.  Metadata includes but is not limited to:  the telephone numbers called/texted by the subscriber; the phone numbers of people who called/ texted the subscriber; and the dates and times of the calls/texts. For the host of an email service, the targeted subscriber details would include email header information such as the sending or receiving address, along with the dates and times  the emails were sent or received. Compliance with the “data retention mandates” requires specialized legal and technical expertise. Subsentio offers a solution that permits CSP’s to outsource their entire data retention compliance burden. We call it the Subsentio Legal Demand Tracker (“LDT).

The LDT is a cloud-based case management software application designed to handle Records Production. The LDT leverages Subsentio’s vast expertise acquired while providing Records Production services to its diverse client base of CSP’s. The LDT is a comprehensive tool that manages the intake, processing and retention of legal demand cases of all types. Robust in its design, the LDT allows for the efficient processing of exigent requests from law enforcement where time is of the essence and at the same time is able to manage the complexities of civil demands from attorneys and pro se parties that may require more extensive review efforts.

LDT’s custom design provides a framework for analysts to review all cases to minimize the risk of overproduction of records.

  • Syncs with email and fax server clients
  • Automated receipt of court orders
  • Provides internal email capability
  • Emails are stored in LDT
  • Internal letter generator
  • End-to end case management

The LDT utilizes the Amazon Web Service cloud network which provides a high level of security and technical support to keep the application up and running 24x7x365.

Benefits and Features

Business Process Benefits

  • No software installed at customer location
  • Linked to current email application
  • Unique log ins for security


  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Customizable back up frequency based on need of business


  • Database can be configured for all types of data and retention time frames
  • Data can be compartmentalized for sub-clients and wholesalers
  • Data is easily searchable and can be downloaded into various formats via the LDT

Case Management

  • Add / Assign / Manage Cases – customizable access levels for training and security
  • All analyst actions within the system tracked and notated for admin review
  • Case comments functionality for audits and reporting
  • Follow up reminders to minimize missing deadlines
  • Custom queue and case field organization to tailor the system
  • Fax / Email Integration for intake and responses to/ from the LDT
  • Customizable template case responses for efficiency and consistency