What They Say About Subsentio

Law enforcement agencies and communications service providers rely on Subsentio to provide vital assistance that saves lives and stops crimes. The following testimonials and words of appreciation attest to the value of our work in protecting public safety -- and safeguarding national security. We are proud of the comments from both law enforcement as well as our customers which are below, but, we must respect their privacy.

Law Enforcement Canada:

Attached is the request and thank you for your assistance we were able to find her and bring her to safety.

Law Enforcement:

I wanted to let you both know that the child was recovered alive (from the kidnapper) and safe at the address identified through your efforts.

Thank you so much for your help today!!

Law Enforcement:

On behalf of the Task Force, I want to thank you for your assistance yesterday with the child pornography emergency.  At 1:30 this morning, the subject was arrested, and the 2-year old victim was rescued. If not but for your speedy assistance, this child would have continued to suffer egregious and horrific acts at the hands of her caregiver. Your partnership with our group is invaluable and we are as always incredibly grateful for your cooperation.

Individual inquiry:

I would like to compliment one of Subsentio’s Analysts for helping me when I phoned Subsentio. He gave me clear instructions on the procedure for objecting to the subpoena. Of course, he could not give legal advice, but he gave me useful information on your own requirements. His approach was just right. He quickly understood my level of knowledge, and he never talked down to me, yet he did not skip over any important information or become impatient. i volunteer on the Orange County Week of the Family Committee. A Subsentio customer is a major sponsor, so I know their public relations officer. I will let her know that Subsentio is a good agent.

Subsentio customer:

I would just like to let you all know with your help today we were able to locate the family and the child is safe!!!!!!!  We appreciate your assistance.  

Subsentio customer:

I wanted to send a quick note singing a Subsentio Analyst’s praises. 

He spent time with me today, working through a difficult situation with one of our customers who subpoenaed his own records. He didn’t shy away from reaching out to the detective who made the request for data, and the end-user, who was very agitated by the situation. He was able to alleviate the end-user’s concerns and ultimately was instrumental in soothing a situation that he had no role in escalating.

I’ve worked with him for several years and have found him to be an extremely thoughtful, analytical and detail-oriented person. He’s careful in his communications and thinks very critically about the legal requests that he handles for us. He always makes time to address my questions or concerns with a level of care that I think is really uncommon.

I’ve got nothing but good things to say about him, and it gives me a great deal of confidence knowing that we have folks like him in our corner.

Subsentio customer:

… relies on Subsentio, LLC who are always responsive in processing our Exigent (Emergency) Subpoenas.  If they had a slogan, it should be “Subsentio Saves Lives”.  During our years of working with them, there have been many instances as this, in which a life was saved.

Thanks again to everyone at Subsentio