Safe Harbor Intercept Mediator – SHIM

For VoIP Networks Using Sonus Solutions

As a solutions partner of Sonus Networks, Subsentio has created the Safe Harbor Intercept Mediator (SHIM), a CALEA solution for VoIP networks that deploy solutions from Sonus.  Available either as a physical appliance or virtual machine, Subsentio SHIM interfaces with the full array of Sonus Session Border Controllers and Media Gateways to provide a complete, end-to-end CALEA compliance solution that puts service providers in “safe harbor” with the law.

SHIM Features and Benefits

  • ONE AND DONE:  Provides complete safe harbor technical compliance
  • FLEXIBLE: Integrates with any VoIP network that uses Sonus equipment
  • POWERFUL: Can identify and intercept multiple target assignments
  • INSTALLATION: Easy and quick to install with integrated VPN
  • ADAPTABLE: Resides at a central point within the customer’s network
  • STANDARDS:  Supports the ATIS 678 version 3 standard and the ATIS-100069 standard on error and exception reporting
  • SECURE: Protected at provisioning and delivery interfaces
  • ECONOMICAL: Much lower cost than competitive solutions
  • EFFICIENT: Integrated provisioning requires no separate administrative system
  • REDUNDANT: Provides email alerts and notifications
  • NO DATA LOSS: Buffering options selectable for each intercept
  • PROVEN PERFORMANCE: Backed by Subsentio, the nation’s leading CALEA Compliance Company.

How SHIM Works

Subsentio’s SHIM integrates with the Sonus Lawful Intercept (LI) architecture and supports the LI capabilities built in to the Sonus Insight EMS (Element Management System) the GSX 9000 Open Services Switch, and its portfolio of physical and virtual Session Border Controllers (SBCs).

Upon receipt of a court order, a lawful intercept is provisioned on the SHIM via the Sonus EMS or a Sonus SBC. The SHIM then collects targeted packet voice (VoIP) call data and content from the Sonus SBCs and GSX switches on suspected criminals and terrorists. Throughout the lawful intercept process, the SHIM transmits this evidence either to the Subsentio Network Operations Center (NOC) for formatting in the correct protocols for law enforcement, or direct to a law enforcement monitoring location. In both scenarios security is ensured by using VPN.

SHIM’s Virtual Option

As increasing numbers of service providers move toward virtualization, Subsentio is ready to serve them with our virtual SHIM. The Subsentio virtual SHIM is available in three versions to accommodate today’s most popular virtual platforms: VMware, KVM (kernel-based virtual machine) and AWS. All three versions of the virtual SHIM are compatible with Sonus’ physical and virtual SBCs and Gateways using the same platforms.

Why choose a virtual versus a physical SHIM? That decision is purely a matter of preference. A common driver is that a service provider wants to save on rack space that would be dedicated to a physical SHIM. Otherwise, there is no difference. The virtual SHIM is identical to a physical SHIM in quality and performance, and both technology approaches are an integral part of Subsentio’s end-to-end service bureau solution.

Installation of a virtual SHIM is easy. First the VoIP provider gives Subsentio its IP address so that we can precisely configure the finished software for shipment. Upon arrival of the virtual SHIM, the carrier uploads the software into a general purpose server where it is tested and certified by Subsentio. From that point on, the solution operates as a virtual machine ready for action upon receipt of a court order for lawful intercept.

During lawfully authorized electronic surveillance (LAES) the virtual SHIM works exactly the same as a physical SHIM. It collects evidence as directed by court order and connects to a law enforcement agency monitoring center or the Subsentio NOC by secure VPN.