Steve Bock of Subsentio presents the Citizens Appreciate Troopers Award

DENVER, JULY 26, 2018 – On Friday, July 27 at 11:00am MTN time, Centennial-based Subsentio, the CALEA Compliance Company®, salutes members of the Colorado State Patrol selected to receive the “Citizens Appreciate State Troopers” or “C.A.S.T.” Award.

“Colorado State Troopers are renowned for their courage, quick thinking and action in situations where lives are at stake,” said Subsentio CEO and Founder Steve Bock. “It is an honor to recognize their valor and pay tribute to this year’s winners of the C.A.S.T. Award.”

Bock will join hosts Chief Matt Packard, Deputy Chief Mark Savage and members of the C.A.S.T. Board of Directors at the Colorado Governor’s mansion in presenting awards to the following six members of the Colorado State Patrol:

  • Sergeant Matthew Beaudin and Trooper Wesley Kartus. While investigating the theft of an automobile in a residential neighborhood, Troopers Beaudin and Kartus, together with detectives from two other law enforcement agencies, cornered the thief and ordered him to the ground. The suspect wheeled, pulled a 9mm pistol and began firing. Troopers Beaudin and Kartus quickly drew their weapons and returned fire, preventing potential lethal harm to area residents. For their heroic actions, Troopers Beaudin and Kardus were awarded the Medal of Valor.
  • Trooper John Stark. Responding to a report of a drunken driver, Officer Stark pulled the man over, and immediately found himself face-to-face with the driver’s handgun. Stark quickly stepped back, drew his own weapon and fired, hitting the man twice. The driver then jumped into his truck and fled – so fast that he lost control, struck the raised median strip, and flew to the opposite side of the highway. As Officer Stark approached the drunken driver once again, the man this time threw his vehicle into reverse to run him over. Shotgun in hand, Stark fired and brought the man’s life-threatening behavior – a menace to all on the road – to an end. For his courage and cool-headed action under mortal threat, Officer Stark was awarded the Medal of Valor.
  • Trooper Charles Jones. When a suspect in two recent Arizona murders crossed his path, Trooper Jones recognized the vehicle and took up the pursuit. At the sight of flashing police lights, the suspect hit the accelerator and crossed over the median strip straight into oncoming traffic. Jones executed a tactical vehicle intervention (TVI) maneuver to stop and cuff him. Interrogation revealed that the man had been en route to kill his ex-girlfriend when apprehended. Ballistics tests of a weapon found in his car proved he was indeed the Arizona murderer. For bringing this extremely dangerous felon into custody, Trooper Jones was honored with the Distinguished Service Award.
  • Troopers Kristopher Kuba and Jordan Tinajera. First came the crash, then the real-life bumper-car ride of a vehicle rolling end-over-end into rushing water. Next thing he knew, the senior citizen involved in this accident found himself floating downstream. First on the scene at Clear Creek that frigid day in November 2017 was Trooper Tinajera, who quickly tied two rescue ropes to the guardrail and moved down the icy bank. Trooper Kuba arrived next, and with the help of a passerby they lifted the elderly driver out of the water so emergency crews could winch him up the bank to a waiting ambulance. With a core body temperature of just 78 degrees, the oldster was not expected to live. But when Trooper Tinajera followed up at the local hospital the next day, he was amazed to find the man sitting up in his ICU bed and talking. For their life- saving actions, Troopers Tinajera and Kuba received the Life Saving Award.

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