Subsentio Academy – Cellular Analysis Training

Subsentio Academy offers several levels of Cellular Analysis classes that are all taught in person and are vendor neutral. Subsentio Academy provides this training to authorized law enforcement personnel, prosecutor’s office investigators and intel analysts. Students will receive training that can provide increased case solvability, offender identification and leading to greater prosecutorial success.

Our Level 1 Course, Fundamentals of Cellular Analysis, has received the National Certification Program (NCP) Seal of excellence from the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST). If your state recognizes NCP courses, you could receive in-service training hours for attending the course. Learn More…

Subsentio Technical Assistance Team (STAT) – Digital Analysis on Demand

The Subsentio Technical Assistance Team (STAT) provides timely information for Law Enforcement Investigators by converting large data pools of information into reports providing actionable intelligence.  STAT saves investigative time and effort by correlating analysis of multiple source information on target subjects and associative data, accelerating mission completion.

There are indeed many robust tools in the marketplace to interpret the data collected, however, the tools are only available at considerable costs making it out of reach for agencies without large budgets.  With many investigations being conducted by regional, state, and local law enforcement agencies this is where the tools are needed the most.  Subsentio, through relationships built over decades of experience, has gathered up these robust tools to unify a public safety eco-system to support all of law enforcement as a service.  Whether it is a report you need or Expert Testimony at Trial, Subsentio is ready to help.  For More Information Contact Us!

Sample Report Data: