CEO Perspective

March 9, 2016

CEO Perspective: CSO Todd McDermott – “Trust is the Essence of Security”

Privacy protection, security, and serving the needs of diverse “masters” ranging from the communications service provider (CSP) subject to CALEA compliance, to the law enforcement agency (LEA) relying on rapid response to a lawful intercept court order — all fall within the domain of Subsentio’s Security Department.

Subsentio President and CEO Steve Bock examines this broad array of responsibilities with our new Chief Security Officer Todd McDermott, whose career spans lawful intercept technology development and engineering, close liaison with LEAs and CSPs, and international standards-setting as an honored member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


February 17, 2016

CEO Perspective: A Sit-Down with Subsentio’s “Testing Guru”

Subsentio President and CEO Steve Bock speaks with Shawn Hannon, VP of Engineering and Chief Information Security Officer on the difference Subsentio peoples’ experience makes to our clients. Shawn came to Subsentio in 2009 following a successful career at US West, AT&T and Verisign. His background in IT, engineering and testing in the CALEA compliance realm comes into play daily for communications service providers that rely on Subsentio.


January 26, 2016

The CALEA Trusted Third Party — Who Do You Trust?

As the nation’s leading CALEA Trusted Third Party (TTP), Subsentio has focused on solving electronic surveillance issues since 9/11. Trust is the essence of our business. Every day literally hundreds of communications service providers (CSPs) and law enforcement agencies (LEAs) count on us to carry out the intense, time-sensitive job of lawful intercepts, records production and emergency requests, and we do so “without a hitch.” It is a complex process that involves thorough familiarity with the technical and legal milieu of surveillance, properly balanced with respect for the individual’s right to privacy as safeguarded under CALEA. The bottom line is always public safety and national security. You can’t meet any of these objectives without first winning the trust of all involved. We take that responsibility seriously. It is why we started Subsentio as a CALEA Trusted Third Party over 14 years ago.


December 3, 2015

Why “Just-in-Time” CALEA Compliance Solutions are Never on Time

Subsentio takes a hard look at “Just-in-Time” CALEA Compliance Solutions and how they can put both public safety and CSPs themselves at risk.

Anyone who has worked with Subsentio knows our passion for precision. We work overtime to make sure every client has the right CALEA Compliance solution in place, and that it is tested and ready for action when a court order for a lawful intercept arrives. When that day comes we immediately review the court order for accuracy, implement the technology solution, then work hand-in-hand with law enforcement to ensure that all steps in the process are carried out systematically, quickly and according to plan. (more…)