The Mission

A year has passed since Subsentio purchased the Neustar Legal Compliance Services Division. What a year it’s been. When I’m asked was it worth it my answer is “absolutely ‘yes.”

Subsentio has doubled in size and is the unchallenged market leader. We have earned our title “the CALEA Compliance Company” many times over. Many factors have played an important role in our ascendance: the most outstanding team of professionals in the business; peerless technology solutions — always tested, certified and ready for action from the moment a court order arrives; our end-to-end service bureau model that guarantees results from start to finish; and always – Subsentio’s intense service focus that puts both the service provider customer and law enforcement first.

But I want to make it clear that the platform driving these key factors is the unique universe of absolute trust among all parties involved – service providers, law enforcement, policymakers, the Court System, and us. That platform flows from a higher source: Subsentio’s commitment to “The Mission.”

For those who might not know us yet, perhaps a word of explanation is in order.

For me the end game at Subsentio has always been so much more than profits. Don’t get me wrong, we are in business to make money. We can’t provide the level of service that is unmatched in the industry without it. However, it’s the mission that motivates me and everyone else on the staff so I’d like to give you a glimpse of what that mission is all about.

I spent the week of 9/11 in New York City. While everyone was trying to get out, I was trying to get in because I had staff working in the city. I saw the fear, anger and heartache that a handful of terrorists could cause. One of our Verizon team members lost a cousin in the towers. She worked for Cantor Fitzgerald which was virtually wiped out that day so this became personal for me. If you recall, all air traffic was grounded that week but I was finally able to take the very first flight out of La Guardia five days later. There was only 1 other passenger besides myself and 2 flight attendants that couldn’t stop crying.

At that moment, my career became focused on one single purpose, to help catch the bad guys. I was too old to join the army or law enforcement but I had built a career in telecommunications and I realized that there were tools in those networks that could have helped prevent 9/11. That was the genesis of Subsentio.

Beginning with Ward Jackson, a retired special agent for the FBI, we slowly built a company that has attracted the best of the best talent in the industry. More importantly, the customers bought into the mission, as well and through the years our reputation has grown within law enforcement that we can be trusted to do the right thing when most of our competitors sacrifice quality and sell price.

Twelve years later, our work has become more complex than ever and in many ways more difficult because for many the horror of 9/11 has faded over time. Subsentio never forgets. In my office I have an American Flag that was raised over the U.S. Capitol which was probably the last target on 9/11. I had it flown in honor of United Airlines Flight 93 which crashed in rural Pennsylvania on 9/11 because that was the moment when we fought back. If you are a Subsentio customer, an employee or a law enforcement officer, that still means something.

Last week, we got a thank you note from a law enforcement officer who we assisted on an emergency case involving the sexual molestation of a 2 year old child. Thankfully, the child is safe now. We celebrate those success stories because heinous crimes like that are sadly the norm. We deal with them every day so when we help save a life, stop a terrorist or catch a fugitive that’s on his way to kill his former girlfriend we know that our mission is a higher calling than profits only and so do our customers.

So for all those that trust us with the services we provide, I want to personally thank you. You, too, are vital contributors to The Mission. The world is a better place because of you.